Caribbean Filmcom in VRT-programme The Red Carpet (De Rode Loper). An impression of Leen van Rompaye about the shootings of WOLVEN on Curaçao.

Producing in the Caribbean is an entirely kind of sport than in Europe. “Hire me on time”, said Michel Drenthe in an interview that is been shown in the VRT-programme, The Red Carpet. “You don’t just send me an e-mail or fax. You go to people. Sometimes several times. And that takes time”. Out of experience Michel Drenthe knows that a lot of European producers don’t understand that and find it excessive to go twice or thrice to visit a location that needs permission, it’s about being polite. Experience taught me that when you earn someone’s trust on this island, you can do things, produce a lot of things in a short time. I try to be the bridge between the European way of producing and the Caribbean way. And that works perfectly. Look at the the results of WOLVEN or the results of WILLEM WEVER (2008), or an older eample, BABY BLUE from Theo van Gogh and our work for producers as NL-FILM, Keller Film, Cake Film and IDTV”, according to Michel Drenthe.