Great article by Phil Cook!

Make sure your first day isn’t your last day! Here’s 10 things you should never forget:

1) Show up early. You’re the new kid, and nobody’s going to wait for you. Show up on time or don’t show up at all – even if it means you leave 2 hours early in case of traffic.

2) If the producer, client, the assistant’s assistant, or anyone else is carrying more equipment than you, you’re doing it wrong.  Enough said.

3) Bring a rain coat, flashlight, protein bars, cab fare, mobile phone charger – and anything else you can think of – because Murphy’s Law is real .

4) Make things happen. Nobody wants to hear that it can’t be done. They’ve all made the impossible happen before or they wouldn’t have survived this long in the film business.  They’re not interested in hearing about your problems.  They’re interested in solutions.

5) Bring a notepad and pen.  Someone’s going to give you orders. Write it down.

6) Your job is to help make the movie.  You can’t get distracted by taking selfie’s of you next to the cool camera, raiding the craft service table, or chatting up the cute make up artist. Focus.

7) Be a problem solver.  Don’t wait to be told – find what needs to be done and do it. If you have to be told more than twice, they’ll find somebody else.  Believe it.

8) It’s not about you.  Don’t be the first in line at lunch. Give up your seat for a client. Don’t take the closest parking space. We all know you’re a genius and should actually be directing the movie, but right now, you need to pay your dues.

9) Remember: They may not remember what you did right, but they’ll sure as heck remember what you did wrong.  If you want to get invited back for day #2, start batting 1,000.

10) Be the last person to leave.  If the director has to carry a trash bag to the dumpster at the end of the day because you left early, you’ll never work in this business again.

Any others based on your experience we should add to the list?