Hooray! We are expanding our team and are happy to welcome our latest colleague Robin Amatmoestar! She is going to be our new member of the production team!

Let me introduce myself…

My name is Robin Amatmoestar and I’m 27 years old. I was raised in the Netherlands where I studied Media Entertainment Management in The Hague. The versatility of the program was what I found very interesting. Media, entertainment, music, organizing, planning, movies etc.

I remember I once joined a few television programs such as ‘De Wereld Draait Door’ and a Belgium television program. Seeing the production team working or the Art department dressing sets, fascinated me. Which specialty I would pursue was still unclear, but one thing was for sure; ‘’I want to be in that Dynamic world’’.
I didn’t immediately start working in the industry, but I constantly felt this aching feeling that something was missing. I think everyone has felt this way… Right?

In December 2014, I decided to make a change and do something about my longing. I decided to pack my bags and immigrate to the beautiful island Curaçao because this was on my ‘ Bucket-list’. Check! (I am still extremely happy with that decision and I’m not planning to leave yet).
Working in a dynamic world…? Check.
Caribbean Filmcom gave me a wonderful opportunity, which I’m very thankful for. My first day working there, immediately gave me such satisfaction, the satisfaction that I’ve waiting for.

Let me introduce myself.. My name is Robin; I am a young woman with passions. I give 110% of my effort and go for it. I don’t have a specialty, but “I can’t do it” isn’t part of my vocabulary because I am young and I want to learn everything so I am able to do everything.