How do you inform the youth about a difficult technical subject without loosing their attention?
It is important for their general knowledge so you have to make it attractive.

Our important client ‘Parlamento di Kòrsou (Parliament of Curaçao), requested an educational film especially for the youth about all aspects from the working of the Parliament.

Our innovative drive has brought us to this concept:
An educational film of 4 episodes in the form of a Video blog on the youtube channel of
Parlamento di Kòrsou which is presented by an energetic representative young Curacao citizen,
Christopher Barrow. Each episode he discusses an important subject on an amusing playful way.

This week the first official presentation of the film took place in the ‘Statenzaal’ (Parliament building). The film was well received by the youth. They think it was interesting, informative and entertaining which held their attention.
Those comments are a huge compliment for our work and effort!

Wondering if you know everything about Parlamento di Kòrsou?
We advise you to take a look at the videos!


The videos can also be seen on the website

Not to forget, we want to give a special thanks to our great team who made this happen and especially to Christopher Barrow, Pim Gelevert, Eloise van Wickeren and David de Bruijne.