Siegi is definitely a good asset for the Filmcom team. Why, you ask? It’s more like why not, because this guy is so handy and knowledgeable in a broad spectrum of disciplines.

First of all, Siegi’s a chauffeur. What does he drive? Everything. Quite literally, yes. The “traditional” driver’s license: check. Motorcycle license: check. Pilot license: mhm. Papers to navigate the seas? Oh yeah, he can pretty much sail any ship you hand him too… And the boating license is up next! Basically, if we (or you!) need a ride, this friendly, open and experienced young man is definitely whom we’ll call first. Siegi characterizes himself as an extravagant and kind person, as well as someone who is always up for a challenge. He’s also quite tech-savvy and can and will help setting up your computer, gear or any other technical equipment you might need assistance with.

Siegi is the third in four siblings and comes from a YDK family of Venezuelan decent (which is probably where he got his Mc. Dreamy looks from). He went to CAPS (the Curacao American Preparatory School) and after finishing high-school he moved to Florida to get his Pilot degree. In a working environment Siegi is focused and always available and up for the job. That’s exactly why he’s one of our stunning p.a.’s. Even-though he argues that he can be a bit lazy, and cranky now and then we still think Siegi is incredibly respectful, has an abundance of patience and cares about the well-being of the people he is working with. It’s no wonder that his life philosophy is to have balance in everything he does.

In five years – greatly due to his profound interest in aviation – Siegi sees himself as a first officer or captain in a big company, but until then Siegi’s ours!

So next time you need to go location scouting – you know, for the next big thing you’re working on but still need that perfect setting in the Caribbean – just give us a call. We’ll pick you up, drive you around and even provide you the ride needed to get those perfect areal shots. Easy!