Michel Drenthe

Biography producer / director Michel Drenthe (1962)


Michel Drenthe his parents moved in 1948 from Suriname and Curacao to the Netherlands. Michel was born and raised in a small village called Schagen in the north of Holland (1962). In 1987 Michel got his degree at the Academy for Social studies in The Hague and in 1991 his degree in film and television producing at the Dutch Academy for Film & Television. For more than 15 years Michel worked as a location- and production manager for feature films like Character, Twin sisters, Mon Ange, Deuce Bigelow, Mindhunters, Lang leve de Koningin and Rent a Friend, documentaries like Het Verleden van Nederland, Het dagboek van John Gabriel Stedman, De Barnevelders and television series like Bureau Kruislaan, Women wing, Coronatiostreet, De Daltons etc. Michel worked on more than 200 commercials for companies like Kesselskramer, DDB, FHV, Hazazah, De Schiettent, Ocean View, Christal Palace, Bast and In Case of Fire etc.

In 2004 Michel started the company Caribbean Filmcom NV. Caribbean Filmcom NV is registered at the Chamber of Commerce (Curacao) and established in Curacao.

In the region, Caribbean Filmcom services foreign film and TV producers who want to shoot on the Dutch Caribbean islands, other Caribbean islands and Suriname. Clients are all the Dutch and German Public Television companies and companies like KaapHolland, ESPN, IDTV, Eyeworks, Endemol, Talent United, Warner Brothers, IJswater Films, Farmhouse Film, TopNotch, Pupkin, Signum, Niehe Media, Kepler Film, Bind Film etc.

Because of the lack of a film industry on Curacao, Michel was forced to produce his own films, documentaries and commercials for clients like the Damen Ship Repair Royal Police Force (RST), Curacao Police Force (KPC), Dutch Caribbean Coastguard, AirFrance/KLM, Klinika Capriles, DWI, Sifma (Ta bo Falta), RK Schoolbestuur, Youth Vision, SFT Bank, VanEps Kunneman VanDoorne, MCB Bank, CHB, InselAir, CTB (Dushi Hende), Curacao Art Society, Ballast Nedam, The Curacao Parliament etc. For the Dutch Ministry of Defense, Damen Ship Repair etc.

As service producer Michel was responsible for the Curacao production of the feature films like ‘Baby Blue’ ‘Bon Bini Holland’ I & II. In Suriname Michel produced the feature films ‘Tuintje in mijn hart’ and ‘Sing Song’ and for Dutch Public Network de documentary series ‘Liefde op z’n Surinaams’.

In June 2019 on Bonaire Michel was the service producer of an episode of the Dutch police series ‘Smeris’. Again, on Curacao Michel produced the Papiamentu spoken feature film Buladò (Vliegende Vissen Verdrinken Niet). This youth film will premiere in October 2020.

Together with Paul de Bont Producties, Caribbean Filmcom produced the documentary series ‘Curacao Droomeiland’. In this series we follow 6 HAVO-VWO students of MIL in their last year at school. This series was aired in October 2019 on channel 2 for Dutch Public Television.

Together with Endemol Nederland Caribbean Filmcom produced the Curacao youth soap series Ki bo Ke Men (pilot & Making of) and was the line producer of documentaries about the writer Frank Martines Arion, actress Rina Penso and artist Tony Monsanto.

UNITED BY MUSIC – or how 40 musicians conquered the hearts of Curacao” featuring Izaline Calister, was Michel’s first creative documentary. After United by Music followed ‘Yamada’, about Harry Moon’s Grupu Serenada and ‘Zo vrij als een vogel’ about artist Geerdine Kuijpers.

Besides producing and serving the industry, Caribbean Filmcom’s foundation Curacao Film Board produced the meet & greets ‘Students meet Film’ for the Curacao International Film Festival Rotterdam. Caribbean Film Board is developing a vision for pushing the film industry in Curacao what must lead to the increase of the quality of film and television programs on Curacao. As a result the Alex Alberto Film Fund (AAFF), the first Curacao film development funds, was established in 2018.

Currently Michel is producing the documentary series De Droevige Kampioen (The Sad Champion, based on the book by Jan Brokken). In the film we follow the life of the Curaçao international table tennis champion Robert “Joy” Hosé and his teammates and friends (Raymond Begina, Franklin Mathilda, Edith McLeod, Magda Hansen etc.). The Sad Champion is directed by Sander Burger and produced by the Dutch production company Bind Film in collaboration with Caribbean Filmcom. The Sad Champion will be broadcast by the VPRO in 2021.