Caribbean Filmcom is a professional full service production company focused on film, television, commercials and corporate shoots in the Caribbean, mainly in the Dutch Caribbean, Aruba and Suriname. We are the ideal partner for international production companies and producers coming to shoot in Curaçao. With its headquarters in Curaçao and partners in Amsterdam, Caribbean Filmcom has a diverse set of knowledge, infrastructure and experience in the industry. We have multiple connections in areas of government authorities, such as the police and customs, tourism offices, hotels, travel agencies and car rentals companies that will ease your production. We support you, so that you can focus on your production and at the same time enjoy this fabulous “Caribbean Experience”. Caribbean Filmcom aims at quality, efficiency and customer service. Let us be your solution to your next production.
Take a look at our portfolio to find out more or please feel free to contact us to see how we can help you with your project!

To help you during all the steps of your production, big or small, we can offer the following:


Produce your entire film or photo shoot, recruit extra experienced crew members, and order extra equipment plus more.


Make a financial budget and do the financial paperwork during the production period.


Scout locations, with or without specific features, by means of our extensive location database.



Take care of the customs process, efficiently arrange travel (immigration) and obtain all the permits you need for the shooting of your film or photo’s.


Organize flight tickets and local transportation: on the road, the water or by air.


Organize accommodation for your entire team.