Drayer & Campman


Producer: Michel Drenthe & Alaric Smeets
Concept & Script: Michel Drenthe & Alaric Smeets
Director: Alaric Smeets & Michel Drenthe
Type of production: Leader and commercial, 2012


Dick Drayer and Jos Campman requested that Alaric Smeets and Michel Drenthe make them a leader and bumpers for their talkshow Drayer & Campman. The radio programme has several segments like “The Urgency of the Actuality”, “Latest Breaking News”, and “Daily Discussion”. The show, Drayer & Campman was until a short time ago, broadcasted live every week on studio 2 from TV11.

“ It is a shame that there are a lot of small-scale entrepreneurs who think that television commercials are not a possibility for them, that is not true”, according to Michel Drenthe. For Roland (better known as chewing gum seller from Biesheuvel) Alaric and Michel made a simple, yet effective commercial. Check it out.


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April 30, 2012