Williwood Love Celebration

Client: Williwood Foundation
Producer: Caribbean Filmcom
Director: Sharelly Emanuelson
Camera: Pim Gelevert
Type of production: Commercial for Williwood Love Celebration, 2015


Williwood Love Celebration is a free festival where love, art and music meet each other. Williwood embodies a well-preserved treasure on the island of Curacao. With its profound history and untainted natural surroundings, this area of the island has for centuries been the ‘muse’ that inspires great works of art, poetry, music and any other form of artistic expression. Around the saline lakes, woods and mystic energies of this region, one is bound to witness universal coherence and be divinely enthused… by all that is.

WLC15: Williwood Love Celebration 2015


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December 22, 2015