Buladó (VVVN)

Director: Eche Janga
Producer: Kepler Blue BV  Caribbean Filmcom
Co-Producer: Caribbean Filmcom & Marina Blok


The 11 year old Kenza (Tiara Richards) lives toghter with her dad Ouira (Everon Jackson Hooi) and grandpa Weljo (Felix de Rooij) on a Car junkjard in the inlands of Curaçao. These two men are each other opposites: Ouira is a firm, rational police officer, while Weljo identifies his self with the original inhabitants and the spirituality of the island. When the relation with Ouria and Weljo is increasingly getting worse. The wayward Kenza resolutely searches for her own path between these two extreme. She misses her mother and Ouira’s down-to-earth mentality does not always offer her what she needs and gradually opens herself up to the mystical and comforting traditions of her grandfather.
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D.O.P: Gregg Telussa
Production Design: Robert van der Hoop
Sound: Oliver Pattinama
Location Scout & Manager: Michel Drenthe
Finacial controller: Elly Shut


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August 20, 2020