ENNIA Prevention: ”Tienda di Prevenshon”

Client: Ennia
Producer: Caribbean Filmcom
Director & Camera: Sharelly Emanuelson
Research & Development: Sawita Chotkan
Type of production: Documentary film, 2015


Pilot project “Tienda di Prevenshon” (Prevention Store) is about uplifting the community by creating awareness, improving living conditions and preventing crime.”

In 2014 the Curaçao Prosecutor’s office and ENNIA launched Tienda di Prevenshon’s in the North Santa Rosa neighborhood. The main goal of this innovative project was to prevent assaults, burglaries and car thefts in this residential area. The project has already showed promising results and is an inspiring tool for positive change.

As the Ministry of Justice, the Curaçao Police Corps (KPC), ENNIA, Forensic Services, Selikor, Kooyman, DOW and Aqualectra all work together, this project is a great example of a public private partnership that improves safety and stimulates social cohesion in local neighborhoods.


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December 23, 2015