Client: Pro Bista
Producer: Caribbean Filmcom
Script & concept: Ivonne Zegveld & Eloise van Wickeren
Director: Eloise van Wickeren
Type of production: 3 commercials


Pro Bista is a foundation that is committed to the integration and empowerment of the visually impaired in regards to the society of Curacao. The name ‘Pro Bista’ comes from ‘Problema ku Bista’ in the local language Papiamentu, which means ‘Problems with visions’. Over the last decade Pro Bista has provided social counseling, support, information, consultation and assistance to the visually impaired. The foundation also supports them with their self-sufficiency and the necessary living and working circumstances. The work is conducted by experienced, competent and dedicated staff and volunteers.

People with an impaired vision can be valuable in many parts of society, especially on the labor market. In the commercials we showed this by focusing on the strength and intensity of the other human senses, like their hearing, touch and ability to smell. As actors we worked with visually impaired people to emphasize this. The concept and script were written by Ivonne Zegveld from I-design and Eloise van Wickeren.


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August 7, 2015