Guardian Group commercials

Production Company: Spunky Strategy
Client: Guardian Group
Executive Producer: Mike Pieete
Local Producer: Michel Drenthe, Caribbean Filmcom
Type of production: 4x commercials, 2016


With a local filmcrew of +/- 40 we shot 4 commercials in 6 days for Guardian Group.
Here you can see 2 of them. The rest will follow asap.

Concept: Jeroen Leinders & Mike Pieete
Director: Jeroen Leinders
Production Manager: Robin Amatmoestar
1st AD: Quirijn Dalen Meurs
DOP: Dolph Van Stapele

Casting Director: Albert J Schoobaar
Location Manager: Eloise Van Wickeren
Art Director: Lysayé De Windt
Wardrobe: Adzienne Garcia
Hair/Make-up: Jolanda Smulders
Sound & Music: Wietze Johannes Krikke
B-cam Operator: Chris De Geus
1st camera assistant: Pim Gelevert
2nd camera assistant: Chris Cirillo
Gaffer: Frank Staps
Grip: Pito Polo
DIT: Yuri Kneppers
Video assist: Yuri Ruijten


Posted on

March 21, 2017