Herbert Bob Pinedo in Ivo Niehe’s TV Show

Client: Niehe Media
Producer: Niehe Media
ENG team: Peter B. & Ferdinand Rink
Type of production: Television series, 2015


For the new season of Ivo Niehe’s Dutch television program the ‘TV SHOW’, we did a 1-day shoot with the renowned oncologist Herbert Bob Pinedo. Reporter Inge Teeuwen, came to Curaçao to do the interview with Bob Pinedo.

Ivo Niehe and the TV Show
Ivo Niehe is the founder of Niehe Media. In the TV Show Ivo Niehe receives national and international guests in the studio or he visits them at home and at work. On tour and in the studio Ivo Niehe portrays inspiring local and especially foreign personalities with an international reputation.

Herbert Bob Pinedo
Herbert Bob Pinedo is originally from Curaçao and started his career in the Netherlands. He has a rich career history and is mostly famous for his Cancer research. He built the research facility Cancer Center Amsterdam (CCA) and started the Fundashon Prevenshon in Curaçao. Their mission is to establish and maintain a center for primary prevention through screening, early diagnosis & early detection of disease in our community.

Bob Pinedo has won many awards and has an award named after him, ‘the Bob Pinedo Cancer Care Prize’. Every year, this award goes to an individual, institution or organization that has made remarkable progress in applied (translational) research and care for cancer patients. Compassion is the key word for this prize.

The new season of the TV Show will start in October this year, every Sunday evening, Avrotros.


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July 29, 2015