Sammy Paramaribo!

Producer: IJswater Films in cooperation with KRO-NCRV
Line producer: Michel Drenthe
Director: Barbara Bredero
Scenario: Sabrina Sugiarto
Type of production: Children’s television series, 2015


Sammy Paramaribo tells a story of a 7 year old girl, called Sammy. She is from Surinam origin but born and raised in Almere, The Netherlands. For the first time she travels on her own to her aunt Sjaan in Paramaribo, Surinam.

In this children’s series, between the age of 4 and 8, we see through the eyes of Sammy and get a closer look into the Surinam culture in an educative way. The contrast and differences between the Dutch culture and Surinam culture are playfully shown in all 5 episodes.

Sammy Paramaribo has been fully shot in Surinam, with local Surinam actors and is broadcasted on Dutch public service television (KRO). It will also be broadcasted on Surinam television.

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May 15, 2015