Me & Mr Jones


Poster Me & Mr. Jones

Client: Talent United Film & Tv
Producer: René HuyBrechtse, Paul Ruven
Line Producer: Michel Drenthe
Director: Paul Ruven
Type of production: Feature film, 2010


Me & Me. Jones on Natalee Island is the fictional story of an undercover journalist in Aruba, based on the case of the of Natalee Holloway disappearance.
Cast: Hanna Verboom & Robert de Hoog . Five years after her disappearance journalist Remi hopes to force a breakthrough in suspect Joran van der Sloot.
In order to provide an alibi he hires the escort girl Eve , with whom he is supposedly on honeymoon. Exactly on the fifth anniversary of the disappearance, they unravel a chilling discovery. Paul Ruven shot the English spoken movie in May and June 2010 on Aruba without publicizing it. During the shooting, Van der Sloot got in trouble in Peru. Raven used that in his movie just like the facts and theories of everything what happened in 2005, mixed with fictionally complications.


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March 24, 2010