‘Yamada’ starring Gupo Serenada

Documentary | Curaçao | 2018 | DCP | 85′ | Dutch, Papiamentu, Spanish | Family | Music

Our documentary ‘Yamada’ starring Grupo Serenada had it’s premiere at Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018. For distribution or screenings please feel free to contact us.


In 1977 an unexpected musical marriage occurred between a local Youth Rock Band and Church Choir. 40 years later, this band (Serenada) has stuck to its vows and still strives to preserve traditional Papiamentu songs under the leadership of Harry. Musical and private spheres are intertwined as the documentary reveals the personal and collective motives for committing to cultural preservation.


Premiere April 2018: Curaçao International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018
Local film screenings: The Movies Curaçao May 2018


Initiator: Curaçao Filmboard Foundation
Production company: Caribbean Filmcom
Producent: Michel Drenthe
Original music: Grupo Serenada

Camera & Director: Sharelly Emanuelson
Producers: Michel Drenthe, Robin Amatmoestar
Editor: Pim Gelevert
Graphic Design: Stevenson Lacroes
Sound Design: Ed van Baaren


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June 18, 2018