Caribbean Filmcom is a professional full service production company specialized in feature films, television programs, corporate films and commercials. Caribbean Filmcom mainly focuses on servicing productions in the Dutch Caribbean and Surinam.
Michel Drenthe established the production company back in 2004 in Curaçao and has become the leading film production and service production company on the island. Caribbean Filmcom has experience with many renowned international clients as well as large budget productions. From shooting out of helicopters to filming deep sea submarines, Caribbean Filmcom can arrange it all! Besides that Caribbean Filmcom is also active in the development of a broad film plan for Curaçao what eventually has to lead to an increase in of film and television shooting days.

General Terms Caribbean Filmcom

Our Team

Michel Drenthe
Producer and director
Michel Drenthe is the Producer and CEO. Michel graduated in 1991 from the Film-and Television Academy in Holland. Michel has a lot of experience in the production of many films, TV programs documentaries, commissioned films, video clips, commercials and photo shoots for different clients in Europe but also in the Dutch Caribbean and Surinam.

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Robin Amatmoestar
Robin studied Media & Entertainment Management and is a producer here at Caribbean Filmcom. She’s the right hand woman to producer, Michel Drenthe. She controls all the daily office activities; her main focus lies in organizing, scheduling and producing. Works with Movie Magic Scheduling, which is an industry standard.
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Elly Schut
Financial Controller
Elly is our financial controller who oversees all the numbers and budgets. She advise Caribbean Filmcom in projects, budgets, and everything what is financial related.
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Annemarieke Bergsma
Back office
For all the secret service’ of film, Annemarieke will help out in all thinkable departments of a production. Not only at the office but also as a courier service.
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Felicia van Loon
As the accountant of the crew, Felicia is in charge of auditing all numbers, budgets and summaries. She puts all the different figures into a bookkeeping program and conducts the financial reports. Correctness and completeness are her goals, together with seeing upon achieving the goals of the company in the long run. As strategic manager she is the advisor and the right hand of the director.

Our Partners

Established in the Netherlands: Production company
Our partner in the Netherlands. This agreement allows Caribbean Filmcom to access a wide variety of knowledge and professional filmmakers throughout the Netherlands. It also means access on the European market. This association helps us deliver a much better product to our future joint client.
info@in2content.nlWebsite In2Content
Vân Doan
Established in the Netherlands: Producer, production manager
Vân graduated in Holland with a Bachelor of Business Administration while studying Media & Entertainment Management. She was a producer at Caribbean Filmcom, organizing and scheduling are her passion and strength. She is fluent with Movie Magic Scheduling, which is an industry standard. Vân Doan now lives in the Netherlands and is a freelance producer. She knows Caribbean Filmcom and is our main partner in the Netherlands.
thv.doan@gmail.comWebsite VânLinkedIn Vân